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  • No Chemistry? No Job Offer!

    No chemistry – No offer. It’s that simple. You might have all of the qualifications. You might fit all...

  • How To Prepare For A Group Interview

    So, you get the good news. A company wants to interview you! Then you get the bad news. It...

  • Find A Career! (Don’t Be A Jellyfish!)

    Find a Career! (Don’t be a Jellyfish!) Welcome to Ask Mike Palumbo! If you’re floating around like a Jellyfish...

  • How Much Am I Worth?

    How Much Am I Worth? Are you asking yourself, “How much am I worth? Do you know how...

  • Never Accept A Counter-offer!

    Never Accept a Counter-offer If you are going through this right now, don’t even consider accepting a counter-offer...

  • Don’t Be A Job Hopper!

    Don’t be a Job Hopper! Don’t be a Jobhopper! If you are a Job Hopper you need to...

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Mike Palumbo is a business owner, author, blogger, radio talk show host, and professional recruiter with over 20 years of experience helping people achieve their career goals. If you need help with interviewing, job search, resume & cover letters, career counseling and just about anything regarding your career - fill out the career coaching session form above and set-up your confidential appointment with Mike today!

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