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Career Decisions

Are you making good career decisions?

Do you know what drives me crazy? Consulting with someone about their career, making suggestions, and then watching them to absolutely nothing about it! Waste of time!

Some of you cannot make decisions in your life or your career. Why? Did you know that people who cannot make decisions have a difficultly in their careers? They wait for everything to be perfect before they do something, and you know what? It’s never perfect so they never do anything.

Decisions makers realize that time is a hot commodity and when an opportunity comes their way, they jump on it! They know they may never see another opportunity again. Life is short so you have to move, even when everything is NOT perfect.

I have seen many people get passed over for promotions, get fired, move from job-to-job, and are never satisfied in any career. Their inability to make decisions – any decision – is causing them great struggles in life. If you’re doing this you need to stop!

Start making decisions and watch your life change overnight! You must learn that there will never be a “perfect” time for anything and it’s more important for you to make a decision then worry about everything being perfect. Life is too short to worry about it, you must make a decision and go for it! Any decision is better than no decision. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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