Unless you’re lucky enough to be born into a family business or inherit a bunch of money you will have to earn everything in your life and career.

In business, companies don’t win big contracts because they deserve it they win them because they earned it. People don’t get promoted or win that big sales contract because they deserve it they win them because they earned it.

If you take the attitude that nobody is going to give you anything you will be better served throughout your life and career. Why? Because it’s true, that’s why.

Don’t get me wrong throughout your career you will have people as mentors or advisors that can help you, that’s not what I am talking about. What I mean is thinking you deserve something, because you don’t. You will still have to earn it.

In my business I am always working toward earning new business. Companies won’t use my firm because they like us or think we deserve their business. We have to earn their business. And it’s an ongoing process because I have competition that is also trying to earn their business. Is anyone going to give us anything? No, we will have to earn it.

Professional athletes understand the fact that they have to earn it. No one is going to give them anything. Their competition isn’t going to give them the title or the Gold Medal because they deserve it, they have to go out and earn it. And it’s the same thing with your life and career.

I want you to have the same attitude as a professional athlete. Go out and earn it! Stop thinking you’re entitled or you deserve something, because you don’t. When you earn what you want through hard work and persistence you will feel better about yourself. You won! Your hard work paid off! There is truly no better feeling.

Remember, you don’t deserve anything in life – you have to earn it! The quicker you start realizing this the more successful you will become. Don’t wait around and pout because you feel you’re not getting what you deserve. Go get it! Work hard and earn it! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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