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Track Record

How’s your employment track record?

The first thing I do as a professional recruiter is check the candidates track record. Your track record is the most important part of your employment history. Companies will look at your experience, education, and the usual stuff, but the number one thing that will set you apart from any other candidate is your track record.

Your employment track record can help you or hurt you – big time!

If you’re the type of person that has a lot of jobs on your resume (CV), but you’re in an industry where this can be easily explained away, like the hospitality industry or maybe a construction journeyman, great. But if you’re in an industry that doesn’t operate that way, then it could be a problem.

It’s ok to change jobs for a promotion or a better situation for your career, but you shouldn’t do it EVERY YEAR! And, you should never change jobs just for more money, because there will always be a company that can pay you more money, you have to make sure the position and company is right for you.

If your employment track record has a lot of jobs on it, and you have changed for more money, what is a future company going to think of you? They will think that the first time any company approaches you with a better money offer, you will leave. Companies don’t want to hire someone that isn’t going to stay very long and just changes for more money.

Money plays a roll, don’t get me wrong, but make sure when you are considering a new position that it’s the right company, position, location, type of work, philosophies, and potential for you career…and then the money. It has to be right for you first, and then the money has to be right.

A lot of people that have horrible employment track records, typically never do the in-depth research that is required before they make any type of career change, they just jump on the first “good” offer that comes their way. Then, after some time has passed, they realize they made a mistake and they hate their job.

So, what’s the answer to to your employment track record? If you have a good track record, you’re gold! If you have a bad track record, it’s time to find a home for your career and stop moving around. Make sure the next career move you make is for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons.

How do we know, as professional recruiters, how you will perform in the future? By how you have performed in the past. Your employment track record! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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