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Job Offer In Writing

Get Your Job Offer in Writing!

Whether your getting a job offer, raise, or even a counter-offer to stay with your current employer, you must get all job offers in writing. If you’re not doing this, you are making a mistake. A mistake that will cost you.

Some companies will not put job offers in writing, so it is very important to ask them to do it. If they have a problem with it, or there is some kind of corporate policy, ask them to put it in a “memo” or “email” to you, that way you can make a sound decision about the company’s opportunity, and make sure you say this, “So there is no confusion down the road” that phrase should do it.

Why should you put job offers, raises, or counter-offers in writing?

-For job offers, it is important to get all the details of the job offer so you know what you’re getting into and there is no confusion down the road. It will be impossible for the company to remember everything they tell you about the job offer, believe me, you don’t want any surprises once you show up on your first day of work.

-For raises, it is very important to understand the “how much” and the “when” about raises. Make sure you understand and have a clear understanding of when the raise will take effect, how much will it be, and what is required (if anything) to get it.

-For counter-offers, it is very important to understand what the company is offering you to stay. A counter-offer is when you are about to leave a company and the company matches an offer from another company or gives you a promotion and anything else to talk you into staying with them. This is huge! You must get the details of the counter-offer in writing, because you are going to turn down another opportunity with a company to stay with your current company, so you want to know exactly what your company is going to change for you to stay. By the way, just a side note, I never recommend someone taking a counter-offer to stay with their current employer. My experience is that it never works out.

This week’s video is about getting your job offers in writing. Very important. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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