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Psychological Tests

Annoying Psychological Tests

What is the best way to handle those annoying psychological tests when interviewing? Is there a best way? Well, first of all, do you know why companies use those tests? It’s because they’re looking for an edge, a magic wand, anything to find out if you will work out for their company. The problem? There really isn’t such a thing as a magic wand.

Some companies will tell you that, “It really doesn’t matter how you score on this test” or “It’s just a gauge for us to determine what skills you might need to work on” or my all time favorite, “There is no pass or fail” and that’s baloney!

If you do not pass these psychological tests you will not get the position. Period. So, what’s the answer? What I have found is, you can get these test waived, do you know how? By doing an excellent job in the interview! I have seen this happen. The candidate was so knowledgeable about the position and the industry there was no need to administer the test. Not all companies will do this, but it’s worth a try. Just blow them away in the interview!

If that doesn’t work and they still want to give you this test, just answer to the best of your abilities and let the “chips fall where they may” and see what happens. Here’s my advice, take the test and just be honest. If you cannot pass this psychological test by just being yourself, then you probably wouldn’t want to work that that company anyway, so if you pass it, great, if you do not pass it, just move on with your life. Watch the video! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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