Is there a “hidden job market?”

Did you know that every company has casual needs? It’s true! It’s that “hidden job market” that truly does exists.

“Casual needs” is a term used in the executive search industry and it is well known throughout the employment business. What does it mean? It means if a person is a top performer and has an excellent track record in their career most companies will make room for them in their company, even though they are not currently looking to hire someone. That’s a casual need and the hidden job market.

It’s important for you to understand that ALL companies are looking to upgrade their staff. ALL companies! It’s a fact! Companies, just like sports teams, are always looking to get better. Companies, just like sports teams, need the right players on their team to be successful. So, even though a company is not advertising doesn’t mean they don’t have any casual needs. They do. In fact, it’s just the opposite they ALWAYS have casual needs!

In the professional recruiting business this is standard operating procedure. It’s how we work on a daily basis. The companies we represent are not advertising or letting it be known they are looking to fill a particular position or looking to replace someone on their team. It’s confidential. It’s that hidden job market you’ve heard so much about. It exists.

Now that you know about casual needs you need to market yourself to companies that are currently looking to hire and NOT currently looking to hire. In fact, you might have better luck marketing yourself to companies that are NOT advertising or looking to hire. Do you know why? Less competition, that’s why! And if you are good at your profession and you have an excellent track record why wouldn’t a company want to meet with you?

Companies need top players on their team, especially in today’s market! Once you’re able to get an interview it’s important for you to let the company know what YOU can do for THEM! Let them know what you can bring to the table and how you can make them a better performing company with YOU on their team. Casual needs exist within every company. In other words, EVERY COMPANY IS LOOKING! It’s that “hidden job market” you’ve heard about! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo