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What About Government Careers?

Are government careers good for your career? The government is growing like crazy, so this is a good place to look for a career, right? NO!

All governments throughout the world are running out of money. In fact, the only way any government can get money is to confiscate it from the private sector. Most governments are broke and addicted to spending. They just cannot stop spending! Eventually, they will run out of money and something has to give. So, what will it be?

The days of “good” benefits and “security” with a government job is over. We are already seeing this with postal workers and school teachers, and the list will continue to grow. The only way out of this mess is to grow the private sector and then they can confiscate more money for those “great” programs. The problem is, the private sector is going to revolt if they are taxed any more.

The government isn’t a great place for you to look for employment, even if tempted, I would avoid it. I know they are hiring like crazy, but remember, something eventually is going to have to give. The governments cannot keep getting bigger and bigger without some kind of problem. Can you say, Greece?

My advise to you is to explore the private sector and avoid those perceived “secure” jobs in the government. I hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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